Country manager Mehmet Gurkaynak on what makes Turkish Airlines special
Young American-Bulgarian musician Victor Blagoev on life in Prague, good music and being from Earth
George Margonis, the General Manager of Philip Morris Bulgaria, on the biggest change in the history of the tobacco industry
Developer Hristo Chepishev on how to read and make use of the future of Sofia's property market
Bulgarians should be proud of themselves, believes Avinoam Katrieli
Founder and "chief narrating officer" of Flying Raconteur, a travel resource and customised travel planning service for Bulgaria, is how Petia Whitmore describes herself. She was born and raised in Bulgaria, and has lived and worked in the United States…
Zarina Gencheva, Managing Director of Metroreklama, on achieving a successful business model in Bulgaria in 2017
Stanimir Nikolov, Managing Director of EPAM Systems Bulgaria and chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association, on the importance of investing in professionals
The Shadow Land, famed US author's newest novel, is entirely set in Bulgaria
Timm Rüger and Nikola Gaydarov from Rüger Consulting on importance of expertise and bringing human approach to IT consultancy
French ambassador on Bulgaria's quaint villages, storks and why he is not eager to talk with Ataka
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Prime Minister saves cubs from zoo

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Country manager Mehmet Gurkaynak on what makes Turkish Airlines special

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