Israel's ambassador on Jews, Bulgarians and the importance of not twisting history
Teva, an international leading pharmaceutical company, is expanding in Bulgaria. GM Nikolay Hadjidontchev tells more on the company's future and why are generics important
Fibank and Bulgaria have done a good job, says Jyrki Koskelo, the independent member of the bank's Supervisory Board
Nikolay Vassilev, investment banker and former government minister on pros and cons of private banking in Bulgaria
Andrea Gencheva is a 30-year-old Hungarian from Serbia, and has an MA in English literature. She settled in Bulgaria in 2011 with her Bulgarian husband, and now teaches English.
The Mohamadi family of 52-year-old watchmaker Radjab and his 43-year-old wife, hairdresser Masume, is from Bamiyan, Afghanistan. They arrived in Bulgaria with their two daughters Khadije, 16, and Narges, 15, in 2012, forced by the unstable situation in their home…
Musa Niasi, 27, from Gambia, arrived in Bulgaria in 2013 after he was forced to flee his country because of his anti-government stance. He graduated in accountancy and has a knowledge of computer hardware. In Bulgaria, he is having an…
Nichola and Nicolas Kinson, in their 40s, are from the UK and decided to settle in Bulgaria in 2005 after their visited with their camper. They loved the country and saw its potential as a camping destination. They now own…
French Ambassador Xavier Lapeyre de Cabanes on ancient art, latterday nationalism and why history must not be used to justify current policies
The 30-year-old car fitter Kone Yaku arrived in Bulgaria from Abidjan in 2012. He is applying for refugee status and has won two cases in a Bulgarian court, but after a "no" from the Supreme Court he is still in…
We met 35-year-old theatre costume and stage designer Rin Yamamura a couple of weeks before her latest premiere, Jeanne of D'Arc, directed by Petrinel Gochev, in Gabrovo. Rin Yamamura lives in Sofia, with her the six-year-old daughter.
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Hristo Botev neighbourhood risks becoming ghetto next to Sofia Airport

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One of Bulgaria's top intellectuals, Georgi Lozanov, is a familiar face to Vagabond readers. A philosopher and a media expert with many years as a leading member of the National...

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