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Nichola and Nicolas Kinson, in their 40s, are from the UK and decided to settle in Bulgaria in 2005 after their visited with their camper. They loved the country and saw its potential as a camping destination. They now own the Camping Veliko Tarnovo, in the village of Dragizhevo.

Have you experienced special treatment because you are foreigners?

Nicholas: When we first came here everybody was warm and welcoming, and a lot of the people in the village were very curious what we were constructing. They used to bring us fresh fruit and vegetables, just to try. The difficulty is the language.

Nicola: Sometimes, when we have builders and construction companies, I think they prefer to talk about the technical stuff with Nick.

Is there anything typically Bulgarian?

Nicola: The food. It was one of the reasons why we choose to live in Bulgaria.

Has life in Bulgaria surprised you?

Nicola: I was surprised by how price conscious things in Bulgaria are. A very high focus on price, but not so much an appreciation of the value and the quality.

Do you have Bulgarian friends?

Nicola: Before the campsite was built, we were living in the next village. We used to go for a walk each evening, and we would meet these old babas, or grannies, and they would drag us to their homes and gave us Shopska salad, Rakiya.

Nicholas: Our staff is Bulgarian, and we've got to know their families.

Do you celebrate Bulgarian feasts?

Nicholas: For Easter, we do free party games for the children. The whole village comes. We also try to tend the Bulgarian events in the village, like Trifon Zarezan in February, with the cutting of the vines.

Describe Bulgaria in three words.

Nicholas: Beautiful nature. Slower pace of life. Welcoming.

Do you plan to stay here?

Nicholas: We would like to, if the business works, we will stay until retirement.

What does it take is to be Bulgarian?

Nicholas: The Bulgarians are very proud of their country, history and culture. They know the old nursery rhymes, the fables, they dance the horo. They have cohesion with their families.

EEA Grants The UnBulgarians is a project of the Free Speech International Foundation and the Multi Kulti Collective, sponsored by the NGO Programme in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014

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