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The new political colour is dull red.

Nadezhda Mihaylova, deputy speaker of parliament  from the Union of Democratic Forces, or SDS

They'll come back to collect their social security benefits, to get their teeth fixed, to have us pay for serious and expensive operations, and to get new job training.

Economy and Energy Minister Petar Dimitrov on the potential return of Bulgarian expats

Under Hitler, Germany's legal system was a bit more democratic than now. The Bulgarian courts and the Bulgarian Prosecutor's Office are light-years ahead of this so-called democratic legal system. The Bulgarian courts and the Bulgarian Prosecutor's Office are super democratic and super objective.

Kostadin "Kotse Matsa" Hadzhiivanov, president of the Belasitsa Petrich football  club, convicted of smuggling in Germany

You can count the number of organised crime groups on two hands. I would say that 90 percent of them are already behind bars.

Pavlin Dimitrov, chief commissioner of the Interior Ministry

For three years, the ministers and activists from the Bulgarian Socialist Party, or BSP, were totally blasé about the problems with the regional waste depots, and were making fun of my struggles to create a waste treatment plant. Now what they should do is shout out, ‘Bravo, Borisov, you are the one who solved the crisis, you put together projects, and now you'll have your waste treatment installations.' I suggest the BSP put up a billboard of the plant and me.

Boyko Borisov, mayor of Sofia and  informal leader of the Citizens for European  Development of Bulgaria party, or GERB

The majority of the conclusions reached by experts from the Directorate General for Enlargement are, in our opinion, groundless, backed by poor argumentation, or are perhaps the result of some tradeoffs taking place within the PHARE programme in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Savin Kovachev, deputy minister for regional development and public works


Issue 28-29 Boyko Borisov

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