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"The quality of work does not depend on geography or nationality. It depends only on being the best at what you do", says Veli Pehlivanov, CTO

resolute software veli pehlivanov
Veli Pehlivanov, CTO of Resolute Software

What do a mobile healthcare app, criminal data software, and patient data management software have in common? Resolute Software. 

These are just some of the projects Resolute Software has worked on. Resolute is part of Ocean Investments – an investment company focused on early-stage technology innovators in Europe, the USA, Africa, and Asia. Resolute offers comprehensive software engineering and consulting services by focusing on agile delivery of solutions that help organizations expand their digital footprint. We talked to Veli Pehlivanov, CTO and co-founder of Resolute Software, to learn more. 

What does digital modernization mean today for companies, their employees, and clients? 

For companies, this is an opportunity to improve operational efficiency and take business performance to the next level through modern technologies and agile practices. 

For employees, it opens new possibilities for work engagement and for personal efficiency. It allows remote work through always available software systems, interconnected data, and the flexibility to use any screen and device. It also allows us to create better insights by combining different data sources and advanced analytical capabilities. 

For clients, this creates a seamless engagement and communication flow with the business. This is about the first and subsequent interactions, about improving customer retention and their time to value, and building customer satisfaction and brand recognition. 

How can Resolute Software help a company be digitally fit for the challenges of today and tomorrow? 

We are a team of digital experts that solves our clients' strategic challenges by focusing on observing and dissecting their business processes and proposing a combination of digital and human approaches. 

From left: Hristo Georgiev, Atanas Simeonov and Veli Pehlivanov, founders of Resolute Software

From left: Hristo Georgiev, Atanas Simeonov and Veli Pehlivanov, founders of Resolute Software

On the technical and creative side, we provide digital design and a full life cycle of software development services that combine the right technology tools and practices for a custom-tailored solution. However, we always put an emphasis on human-to-human interaction. 

Which of your projects makes you the proudest? 

Resolute is a strategic development partner in the modernization of one of the biggest patient health information and digital imaging systems. It was traditionally used by doctors at their desks, and now we are transforming it to work on any type of device and enable patient data access on the go. 

We are also modernizing criminal justice information systems for law enforcement in the US. We are replacing the bulky laptops that officers use in their cars with solutions that can work on any device. This creates more interaction possibilities and better field preparedness for officers. 

In just a couple of months in 2020, we developed an application with global importance in healthcare that helps get important information regarding COVID-19 and other pandemics to a broad audience quickly and in real-time. It has over 50,000 active users and over 1 million downloads. 

Some of the assignments you had worked on required quick thinking and delivering within tight deadlines. How did you motivate your talents to succeed in this task? 

I did not need to motivate anyone because our team was built for those kinds of challenges. We nurture motivation in our employees during each stage of the team-building process. During the selection process, for example, we seek talents who not only have technical and creative potential, but who are also intrinsically motivated for quality work, constant improvement, and lifelong learning. This is the type of people that we strive to attract. 

What is Resolute Software's approach to working with clients? 

Usually, we start with an assessment of the client's processes and technologies. It includes an audit of the current state of the software development strategy, the software product architecture, the corporate website and Salesforce ecosystem. Together with the client, we define the goals and make recommendations based on the gap analysis. 

With time, we expand our engagement and get into the more practical aspects of our work by providing system design and architecture tailored to clients' specific needs. 

veli pehlivanov resolute software

Our full-cycle development services start with the design and continue with development, testing, deployment, and operation of scale in different environments and infrastructures. 

How do you acquire detailed knowledge of clients' processes to offer an efficient solution for them? 

We can quickly get into their business domain and understand the situation through critical thinking and an empathic approach. With time and experience, we established a domain of knowledge in fields such as healthcare, criminal justice information, security, finance, and manufacturing. 

It is a combination of being prepared for the topic you are going to discuss and being ready to learn more about and understand your customer's business through attentive listening and critical thinking. 

Describe to us the Resolute approach of working with clients. 

We start by analyzing the customer's business processes and current technology infrastructure. Our team understands each client's needs, so we do not use a one-size-fits-all approach. We are experts in specific technologies, especially Microsoft technologies and JavaScript. 

We provide UX/UI design, and we are very proud of our design team because they have a dual role in this relationship. They demonstrate to our customers the capability of modern visual design. 

How do you build loyalty in your customers? 

We invest time and effort into understanding our customers, their business needs and the specific domain they work in. Over time, we build strategic relationships, and clients increasingly rely on our engineers and consultants. Obviously, the longer you have a partner with a team that knows what they are doing, the better you are at getting the most out of their performance. 

What is the biggest challenge for you as a CTO? 

My biggest challenge is finding talent that is equally skillful in technology and communication, critical listening, and interaction. Our ability to work with people allows us to successfully partner with businesses that require a deep level of understanding. We always put our technical and communication skills at the forefront of our collaboration with customers – even before we start building the software systems. 

How do you decide which talents are fit for Resolute Software? 

We do not hire just anyone. We try to find these rare professionals who have the required technical, social, and analytical skills, who can talk about technology but can also listen and understand what the businesses have to say about their needs. 

We hire the most extroverted IT professionals out there. Resolute is a place for intrinsically motivated people who seek something beyond good salaries and benefits. 

As a relatively small company from Eastern Europe, how do you decide to risk and apply for contracts that might seem too big for you? 

What we, at Resolute, actually want to achieve, is to establish the Bulgarian IT market as a provider of top-notch quality, not as a mainstream outsourcing destination. 

The Bulgarian IT community is too small to compete in volume with other markets such as India or even some other Eastern European countries. We should not even try to be the most affordable or the easiest to recruit. Resolute Software is a testament that a Bulgarian company can provide high-quality software development on a global scale. 

Our success is proof that it’s certainly not a matter of geography, social-economic situation, or nationality. We win with quality, the right mindset, and an approach to the client's technical problems.

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