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Rusev Physiotherapy is a specialised clinic for physical and rehabilitation medicine

Physiotherapy Rusev

Its team is dedicated to the mission to help patients achieve their best physical condition with the help of the highest level of personalised care and technologies by the renowned manufacturer ZIMMER-GERMANY.

Rusev Physiotherapy offers the best physiotherapy, rehabilitation, power and conditional services in Bulgaria fit for professional athletes, amateurs and everyone who just wants to be able to move and feel well. The wide spectrum of active and passive treatment measures and techniques helps recovery, alleviates pain, improves body and joints' functioning, and strengthens the muscles.

The therapists at Rusev Physiotherapy perform an in-depth analysis and create individual treatment plans while working in close coordination with doctors specialising in image diagnostics. This allows them to diagnose the problem's main cause, to treat the symptoms and to prevent reappearance. At Rusev Physiotherapy there is also an option for additional tests, including nuclear magnetic resonance, ultrasound scanner and X-rays. 

Sofia, 8 Academician Stefan Mladenov St, ground floor (5th Polyclinic), phone: 0882 624 376

Rusev Laboratories: The best place in Bulgaria for medical and image diagnosis


  • 67A Gen NG Stoletov Blvd, 5th Hospital, ground floor, 0886  917 939, 0889 53 56 17 
  • 8 Academician Stefan Mladenov St, Students' Polyclinic, ground floor, 0885 500 601 
  • Mladost 3, 20 Sveto Preobrazhenie St, ground floor, 25th Polyclinic, 02/8221 316

rusev labs


  • 64 Sofia St, Kaspela Hospital, ground floor, 032/241 772, 0889 90 28 90
  • 234 Bulgaria Blvd, Plovdiv Hospital  yard, 032/967 423, 0885 912 990, 0887 911 811 

rusev labs

Burgas: 94 Democratsia Blvd, 2nd Polyclinic, floor 1, 056/866 452, 0887 929 539 

rusev labs

Varna: 100 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd, St Anna - Varna Hospital yard, 052/61 65 66, 0889 909 572

rusev labs

Haskovo: 49 Saedinenie Blvd, Haskovo Hospital yard, 0886 909 629


Margarita Krasteva, manager, on the mission to provide life in dignity to patients and their relatives

Care Hospice was created in 2018, to provide care and life in dignity to the elderly, the gravely ill and sufferers of trauma, to people who need recovery or maintenance therapy in a medical facility. The hospice is dedicated to the mission to improve quality of life in all its aspects, and to cater to the individual requirements of each patient.

care hospice

The goal is that everyone who needs hospital care and supervision from medical professionals to be taken care of in the best and highest quality way in an outstanding environment. The team chose the name Care, because timely and right care, combined with a cosy atmosphere, is a prerequisite for improvement of the patient's health.

care hospice

The hospice provides 24-hour supervision, an incredibly high quality of life, professional medical care, excellent individual care and patient support in accordance with the rules of good medical practice. We talked to Margarita Krasteva, manager of Care Hospice, to learn more.

The Covid-19 pandemic was a particular challenge to hospices. How did you overcome it?

Indeed, the pandemic was a serious challenge for everyone: for us, the staff, and for the patients and their families. We succeeded in finding a balance that would suit our patients and their relatives, and we did not separate them as we wanted to avoid them feeling isolated.

care hospice

These patients need to feel that their relatives are close, and during the pandemic the opposite happened. In this case, social distancing does not heal or protect, it kills. This was the biggest challenge for us. We have always worked in line with the strictest rules for disinfection and hygiene – before, during and after the pandemic.

Another challenge was PPE and disinfectants supply, as essentials suddenly disappeared from the market. But we overcame this, too. We continue to take care of our patients and we look forward.

How, as a manager, do you achieve the ambitious goal of Care Hospice to provide life in dignity to your patients?

With a lot of struggle. Our work is very dynamic and asks for a significant and diverse know how. On a daily basis, I make decisions concerning our patients, guided by their current condition.

care hospice manager

Margarita Krasteva

For example, if some tests have to be done, I call consultants – a neurologist, a cardiologist, an urologist or other. I meet both relatives of current patients and ones who seek where to place their loved ones. Each day is a challenge. And I prefer action to talking. I constantly fight for consistent and continuous improvement in the care for our patients (improving their quality of life according to their individual needs).

care hospice

The hospice has worked and won trust since 2018. What does it look like in your dreams in 2028?

I hope that we will be healthy and in 2028 will remain the first choice for a medical facility to patients, and first choice for care for the patient, that offers high-quality and effective medical care and help.

Sofia, 67А General Stoletov Blvd

phones: 0886 910 399, 0888 999 839

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