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Oh, summer! Is there anyone who doesn't anticipate its long days and warm nights? We may spend our summer vacation in a bliss on the beach, among the freshness of the mountains or travelling to destinations close and far. But whatever we choose, summer makes us feel the joy of life wholeheartedly. We relax, we calm ourselves and we use our phones for photos only, not for work e-mails and troubling news.

But are we ready for the summer? Preparation for the season when we are closest to the sun requires not only the right psychological attitude.

The skin loves the sun, but only to a degree. That is why before and after our summer adventure we need to take care of it with proper cosmetic procedures that nourish, hydrate and refresh it. Smooth skin is a must for any modern woman who has grabbed a towel and has headed to the beach. Fortunately, there are already epilation, anti-cellulite and firming procedures that don't require planning months in advance, and are reliable and with lasting results. We add a series of massages and alternative therapies that tone and relax. We choose quality cosmetics with high SPF factor and a pair of sunglasses that efficiently protect the eyes and are trendy. And we are ready for vacation.

Are we? What about clothes? Holiday always invites us to fill our wardrobes with new possessions, but a more effective and easy way to spice things up are selected pieces of jewellery charged with summer mood. Now we can immerse ourselves in the magic of summer sure that we look and feel our best.

Trendy summer with CAZAL from ZEISS VISION CENTER

ZEISS VISION CENTERTrends come and go, but CAZAL design doesn't change. With these new sunglasses CAZAL proves yet again that uniqueness is created where universality ends. The extravagant 664 model is made of first-class acetate, in vintage shape as from an old gangster movie and with boldly pronounced artistic details. Look out for the model at ZEISS VISION CENTER optics (Sofia: Paradise Center, level +1; Serdika Center, level -1; Sofia Ring Mall, level 2; Varna: Delta Planet Varna, level 0; 8А King Boris I Blvd).

Colourful summer with the new collection of COEUR DE LION

Expressive colours, lively combinations, eternal elegance: the new Spring / Summer collection of COEUR DE LION is a trusted companion during the warmer months of the year, charging us with energy and the feel of happiness. The hand-made jewellery by the designer Carola Eckrodt combine natural stones in the hotest nuances of orange and carnelian, the freshness of blue and chalcedony, the soft hues of sand, pink gold and white. They tell a tale about freedom and adventure, about calm summer days and romantic nights, allowing us to express ourselves without uttering a single word.


Traditionally for the COEUR DE LION concept, the new collection's bracelets allow endless combinations that fit our mood and character. The pendants with Swarovski® crystals from the HIGHLIGHT 24/7 line and the necklaces from the MINIMAL ART and BRILLIANTCOEUR lines provide elegant finish to both formal and casual clothes. The new suggestions in the GEOCUBE® line bring in freshness with colours such as aquamarine, turquoise, pink and yellow gold, bright yellow, kiwi green, blue violet.

Your favourite piece of COEUR DE LION awaits you on and in the stores in Sofia, on 29 Alabin St and 7 Solunska St.


Av Light StudioSometimes each of us dreams for a magic wand with which to solve our problems. But we don't need magic to have smooth skin the year round – it is enough to visit Av Light Studio (Sofia, Mladost 1, Jerusalem St, Block 51, phone: 0884 415 540, FB: avLightStudio, Laser epilation is deservedly among the most sought after cosmetic procedures by both women and men. The procedure is extremely short, pain-free and efficient. The number of required sessions is between 6-8 for lasting result that can reach up to 10 years. Professionals at Av Light know now to effectively treat even dark skin which is the most resistant to laser procedures.

ThaimOut: The wonder of Thai massage

ThaimOut StudioSedentary living inevitably affects the health and the appearance: the back hurts, the joints are stiff. At ThaimOut Studio (Sofia, 1 Pope John Paul II Sq, phone: +359 876 33 55 97, you will find invaluable help that will make you feel brand new. The specialists at ThaimOut offer the best of the century-old tradition of Thai massage: traditional and aroma, with herb compresses and hot stones, antistress and sport, tok sen and feet massage. One visit is enough to feel younger, more flexible and full with energy, but is not enough to try everything. Don't miss as well the special beautiful hair, young face and relaxation rituals and procedures. ThaimOut works with original Thai products with organic ingredients.

Esseterre: Essential oils for health and beauty

ESSETERREThe еssential oils concentrate the aromas and beneficial qualities of the plants from which they are extracted. The professionals at ESSETERRE (, FB: esseterrebulgaria) know how to turn Bulgaria's plant wealth into clean and efficient, aromatic and health-bearing essential oils. The distillery processes herbs and plants grown in Bulgaria and not only, such as lavender, melissa, yarrow, coriander, frankincense, myrrh and summer savory. The resulting essential oils are used for the dōTERRA aromatherapy and cosmetic products, making them a powerful source of health and beauty.

Dr Serdev: Discover your new You

Serdev ClinicImprove your image and satisfaction at Serdev Clinic: Medical Center “Aesthetic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine” (11, 20th April St, Sofia, phone: +359 888 802 004, The Director of the centre, Dr Nikolay Serdev, is an internationally renowned specialist in aesthetic surgery and medicine. At his centre you can beautify and rejuvenate your face, perform a buttock or breast lift with no visible scars, very short downtime, and nearly immediate return to work and social life. The procedures offered at his clinic are of high quality, and are quick and effective, with short downtime. This is due to the internationally recognised special closed approach scarless Serdev Suture® SMAS lifting (by sewing) and volumizing techniques in cosmetic surgery for total beautification. Modern and atraumatic methods for rhinoplasty, Vaser ultrasonic liposculpturing are also performed in the centre, as well as Photoepilation, Botulinum toxin injections and more.

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