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Stoyan Pashov, interior designer, on creating your own trends

stoyan pashov
Stoyan Pashov, creator of Synergy Design studio

SYNERGY DESIGN is a studio whose years of history on the market has resulted in a rich portfolio of outstanding projects for luxury interiors. Led by interior designer Stoyan Pashov, SYNERGY DESIGN is behind projects where individuality has been elevated to become a true masterpiece.

For SYNERGY DESIGN, interior design does not fit into standard frames. Instead, it should reflect the essence of the people, brands or companies that inhabit it.

SYNERGY DESIGN always uses the latest technologies and products to achieve its goals. When working on a project, it is aware that rushing is not the best strategy. Instead, the studio's professionals always make sure that every design step has been executed to perfection.

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To have the full control over the realisation of its creative ideas, the studio offers the full range of interior design services: custom interior design and furniture, and project supervision.

We met with Stoyan Pashov to discover more about this amazing creative hotspot.

What do you gain as an artist when designing an interior?

For me, the emotion I feel during the work process is the most valuable thing that an interior can give me. Each interior and each space give me their own emotion that leaves a lasting trace in me. The freedom to create beauty from scratch, the moment when you forget about all of your problems is what makes all of this worth the efforts and the energy I put in my projects.

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What is the first thing that you do when starting working on a new project?

I analyse. My years of experience in the field have shown me time and again, beyond any doubt, that in order for the process to be straight, I should begin with examining the space, the materials and the colour scheme in accordance with the client's preferences. It is crucial for us to be able to see through the eyes of the clients everything they dream about, to feel their emotion and together to turn their dreams into a reality.

As a creator, when do you decide for yourself that a project is finished and you cannot add or improve anything?

SYNERGY DESIGN always aims to outperform itself with each project, task and site. Being self-critical is surely the first impulse to achieve this.

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As I love to say, design is a two-side process where you can reach perfection only when both sides are satisfied and happy with the result. What is important in our work is to successfully feel the absolute notions about the spaces, which people inhabit, and to realise all of their ideas. This is when our work as designers is completely finished.

What is the biggest challenge when designing a luxury interior?

The biggest advantage when designing luxury interiors is the freedom that the client gives us. The biggest challenge is the ability to master it, to seek and achieve synergy between all separate components during the work process.

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How do you manage to achieve individual results in design?

I believe that each artist and creator is successful only when their work becomes recognisable, when it stands out. I have always been of the opinion that there should be some symbiosis between me and the people I work with in order to be able to see things through their eyes and to refract them through the prism of SYNERGY DESIGN. This is how I manage to realise everything that they imagine, and I put a bit of myself in each project I work on. This, I think, is my simple formula for achieving individuality in each project.

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Which of your projects will you remember forever and with what?

I cannot say that one particular project will stand with me forever, because I remember all of my projects. I remember what I have lived through during the realisation and materialisation of all of them. Each of the projects that I, my team and my clients have worked on has a special place in my memory and has left its mark which is unique and unlike any other. This is one of the many things that I love in my profession – you cannot experience the same emotion twice.

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What is your favourite current trend in interior design?

SYNERGY DESIGN does not follow trends. We create our own trends. Trends that we follow, that we masterfully apply, that make our projects different and recognisable, which the clients love and choose time and again. I have always taken care to think outside of the box, to avoid standard approaches and solutions. This has always resulted in projects that are different, that stand out from the crowd and whisper their own stories.

Sofia, 99 Simeonovsko Shose Blvd

phone: 0888 663 222 

FB: Synergy Design


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