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Dr Irina Sharkova and Dr Evgeni Sharkov, founders of the leading aesthetic clinic, on the constant pursuit of perfection

evgeni sharkov and irina sharkova vderm
Dr Evgeni Sharkov and Dr Irina Sharkova, founders of VDerm

The clinic for aesthetics and plastic surgery VDerm is a preferred place to patients seeking better looks with the help of the latest effective technology, invasive and noninvasive procedures, applied by experienced professionals. VDerm was created and is managed by doctors Irina and Evgeni Sharkov. Dr Sharkova specialises in aesthetic and clinical dermatology and Dr Sharkov is a specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Dr Sharkov, tell us about the latest in body contouring. Recently you demonstrated incredible results with pop singer Stefan Ilchev. How did you achieve that?

With Stefan Ilchev we performed a high definition procedure with ultrasound liposuction with Vaser Lipo. Vaser Lipo allows optimal homogenic removal of fat with minimal risk of uneven contour which is a common side effect in standard liposuction. With Vaser Lipo we can do an additional "extra" – to sculpt the body by defining the silhouette's fine lines in both ladies (on the waist, the chest, hips, shanks and thighs) and men (the so-called six pack).

Vaser Lipo is very suitable as well for removal of fat and transferring it to other body zones. In ladies this is the so-called brazilian butt lift (BBL). Along with other procedures, which we are in the process of implementing at VDerm, it can have a long-term and lasting effect.

This allows us to do lipofilling in men to contour the breast area and the arm muscles, and to build the shanks muscles. These new approaches allow us to be even more effective in body sculpting in both men and women.

VDerm cliniic

What is more important for achieving these results: the professional or the device?

The professional should be well versed in the risks and should not be afraid to discuss them with their patients. If there is a risk, they should communicate it to the patient and together they should go on the path to solving possible problems. So, the professional is the most important factor in any procedure. Then come the technology and the devices.

Can every patient expect excellent results with Vaser Lipo?

No. Vaser liposuction and other radio frequency liposuction technologies, such as BodyTite, are for sculpting, not for weight loss. This is why both a preliminary consultation and enough knowledge from the surgeon are needed. The surgeon is the one to adequately evaluate the situation and offer the patient the best procedure for them. The body sculpting equipment I use the most in my practice is BodyTite. Radio frequency liposuction allows simultaneously to burn fat in the targeted area and to firm the skin. I have specialised in this technology for more than 3 years and I am an international trainer for it for Europe, the Middle East and some countries in Africa.

Dr Sharkova, one of the jewels of VDerm Clinic is the Ultherapy device. Why is it so popular?

Ultherapy stimulates the body's own production of collagen and elastin so effectively that it is one of the most preferred procedures among our patients aged 35-40. Ultherapy is a non-invasive therapy that reaches deep in the skin. The result is a natural look without a recovery period or pain. Ultherapy is the only non-invasive lifting method approved by the American Food and Drug Administration. It lifts the neck, the chin and the face lower third, improves wrinkles and chest lines, reduces crow's feet and lifts the upper eyelid.

How is Ultherapy different from other ultrasound procedures?

Ultherapy is the original device. It is safe and does not harm facial muscles in depth. During the procedure we monitor on a screen how deep the ray goes to avoid any contact with bones, nerves and blood vessels. Ultherapy is for patients with already reduced collagen in their skin and is a good solution for vegetarians and vegans who have lower levels of collagen. To them we also prescribe additives that stimulate the synthesis of their own collagen. Usually, before using Ultherapy at VDerm we recommend patients to check certain blood indicators to guarantee the proper effect.

VDerm cliniic

Is combination of procedures becoming more popular?

We, at VDerm, almost always combine procedures – invasive and non-invasive, technological and injection ones, to achieve the best possible results. The results often go beyond our expectations.

With what procedures do you combine Ultherapy?

Combined with Morpheus8 (a blend of microneedling and radio frequency energy) it is great for skin firming, as the two technologies target different problems – uneven skin relief, enlarged pores and scars, flabby skin. We treat the upper skin layers with Morpheus8, and the lower ones with Ultherapy. We are international trainers for Morpheus8 and have rich experience with its different functions. Some of the accents of the International Congress in Aesthetic Medicine in Monaco in 2022 yet again were natural looks, combination of technological and injection procedures, minimalism in using fillers. I have always practised the latter, using a small amount of product on the right spots. This allows us to achieve a good result with minimal dose. At the Monaco congress Allergan, the world's largest filler manufacturer, presented a new hybrid product – HArmonyCa. I am among the first in Eastern Europe trained to work with it. This is a combination of microspheres of calcium hydroxylapatite in hyaluronic acid that stimulates synthesis of collagen, mainly types III and I, and improves skin density. Hyaluronic acid, for its part, corrects the skin slightly and allows the other ingredient to effectively unleash its effect.

You continue to attend conferences and trainings despite your busy schedule?

Of course. For me and Dr Sharkov at VDerm it is a priority to constantly improve and study the latest in our field. We never stop and always look for the best technologies, procedures and combinations of procedures. Professionally, this means that our patients are satisfied, but this never satisfies us. On the contrary, it motivates us to move forward. In medicine, if you decide that you are good enough, your level of professionalism inevitably decreases.

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