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The manager of MaxView Property real estate agency on the power of women and the meaning of competition

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Veneta Hristova, manager of MaxView Property

We all have heard the rule that the client always comes first. MaxView Property real estate agency is an outstanding example of a company where this rule is applied without compromises. This is not only because the agency specialises in high-end properties. At MaxView Property individual approach towards all clients is an expression of responsibility, achieved through individual approach and the professional skill to apply the right solutions to everyone. This is why the leading position of MaxView Property is hardly a surprise. Veneta Hristova, founder and power engine of the angency, tells more.

How can a Bulgarian woman be among the best in the highly competitive business environment?

A strong woman, success, competition... sometimes these words associate with established cliches. The successful woman is always a strong woman, this is mainly a matter of character and does not require brute ambition.

I would rather think about a successful woman as someone who knows who she is, is able to control her emotions, is adaptive and, most importantly, believes that the hardships are passing moments that provoke her to grow and discover herself.

In the end, we all seek to achieve balance between our characters' extremes.

People also get the wrong notion for competition.

In my field of business it is not something that threatens you and wants you out of the market. If someone perceives it this way, they probably subconsciously believe that they do belong in our business. Their focus shifts towards a defensive position, the aim for development disappears. This is a delicate line. People who constantly compare themselves to others tend to copy them, but they should be aware that without individuality they will always be a step behind.

The goal of a healthy competitive environment is to keep you active and thinking, to motivate you, to create strive and to give feedback for your own success or contribution to others. You need to be brave to do what you want as you want it.

What does a lady, who is a successful leader in Bulgaria, dream about?

The dream is actually the end point, a result of achieving your goals. I think that each woman aims at achieving a harmonical balance between her two natures – self confirmation as a professional and her role as a mother, daughter, girlfriend and partner at a personal level... The main challenge here is time as a limited resource that we sometimes waste by inertia. This is why I will say that I dream about having more time for my family, for travelling to new places, for myself even.

How do you achieve your goals?

With perseverance, discipline, clear strategy and a strict plan... for me the formula is one in its essence. I concur with the theory that the people who have given up outnumber the ones who have failed. There is always a solution. The question is whether you have the patience and the resources to find it.

What defines the work of MaxView Property? What makes you stand out?

If I should say it with one word, it would be: attitude.

Through the years, the majority of the real estate companies in Bulgaria united around the notion that trust is a priority number 1 when working with clients and partners, and this is true... However, trust comes from attitude. For me this comes first in order to achieve long-term, wholesome development.

We, at MaxView Property, offer the full range of services: buy, sale, rent, lease and property management in Sofia and the country. We secure for our clients bank mortgages at preferential rates, we also do marketing surveys, expert and market evaluation and consulting. We know that for some people the important step of buying a home or a property happens only once, and we believe that our mission is during this process to provide them tranquillity and confidence, to protect their best interests. Our goal is to turn the whole process into a pleasant emotion for our clients.

As a company focused on the market's high-end segment, which is new construction, our partners find in our face not just merchants but full support during the preparation and realisation of their investment projects – from the selection of location to the initial design to the pricing. Only then we move to the realisation phase.

Distancing ourselves from the saying "anything at any price" allows us to be uncompromisable towards the details and to confirm our professionalism.

What are the outstanding qualities of top real estate brokers?

As a professional I have met colleagues defined as top brokers. The interesting thing here is that they are on the opposite sides of the spectrum: some are aggressively ambitious and can become delicately manipulative while others empathically take care of their clients... Both types achieve top results.

The common denominator between them is their dedication towards their work and that they never compromise with professionalism. They blend with their job. This can be possible only if you really love what you do. This is why when I choose people for my team, I am interested in their personal qualities first, and in their professional ones second. Everyone can become competent and to grow, but only if they have the personal capacity for this. I would rather develop the strong sides of each of my colleagues. I disagree with the practice that brokers should do the full spectrum of services. This solution does not work and does not allow me to minimise the spirit of competition within the team.

How do you measure success in your work?

True success is not in achieving results, but in the balance between your contribution and position in the society, personal harmony and the ability to keep our feminine nature while walking on our chosen road.

Success has many components and, at the same time, is always refracted through the prism of our own perceptions. Satisfaction is probably the most accurate measurement for it.

Sofia, 71 Evlogi and Hristo Georgiev Blvd, entrance А, floor 2

phone: (+359) 893 069 406

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