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Dr Elena Voeva on top-quality current dental services and new technologies

Dr Elena Voeva, Voevi Dental
Dr Elena Voeva, Voevi Dental

When you look for dental professionals who skillfully combine year-long experience with the latest generation of digital technologies, the answer is Voevi Dental. The clinic is dedicated to the mission to provide the best and latest in contemporary dentistry. To learn more, we talked to Dr Elena Voeva. For 19 years she has constantly upgraded her qualifications in the field of orthodontics, orthopaedics and aesthetic dental medicine. She has attended a number of qualification courses. Dr Voeva is a member of the European Aligner Society, and is a Certified Digital Smile Designer. She has a master degree as Certified Incognito Lingual braces Provider and is a Certified Invisalign Platinum Provider and has a master degree from the Master Aligner Academy in Portugal.

What is the potential of digital dentistry for high quality dental care?

Digital technologies permeate each sphere of life and dental medicine is not an exception. They allow us to make more precise analysis and treatment planning, provide predictable results and ease communication between doctor, dental laboratory and patient. Quality dental care begins with the option for online consultation, goes through digital X-ray diagnosis and digital photography, and ends with the use of applications for remote control of the results and the patient's condition.

Voevi Dental clinic

How do you apply them in your practice?

Voevi Dental Clinic specialises in digital dental medicine. As early as their first visit, with the Smile View application, patients can see what they will look like after a teeth position correction. The software needs a minute and a selfie to prepare a smile simulation.

After a detailed checkup, we scan the teeth and the bite with a 3D iTero scanner to generate a digital imprint. This makes communication with patients easier. We can show eventual bite problems, pathological occlusal contacts, possible caries, tooth neck defects, tooth abrasion, and can discuss treatment options.

We use ultrasound equipment for clinical oral hygiene. We prepare an individual periodontal map and process bone and gingival pockets with a diode laser.

Our complex care for our patients continues with analysis of the orthodontic, functional and aesthetic problems.

Why should we choose Invisalign for treatment of orthodontic problems?

My decision to replace braces with Invisalign treatment in my practice was well thought over and truly justified. In my practice I have worked with many methods for orthodontic treatment. In my aim for a more precise and aesthetic solution for my patients I went to a number of trainings for master work with the individually manufactured lingual braces Incognito. They are way better than fabric-made ones, but they still suffer from the defects of fixed systems for treatment.

Invisalign aligners are the modern orthodontic alternative. They are removable, comfortable and invisible. You can take them off to eat, go out with friends, attend an important meeting, maintain your dental hygiene. With Invisalign there is no pain or caries stains due to difficult cleaning.

The aligners are made of the patented material Smart Track for precise control of teeth movement. They remain elastic and provide exceptional comfort and predictable results.

They are suitable for treatment of both easy and more complex cases. The digital technology used, combined with the doctor's qualification, allows the preparation of ClinCheck – a simulation of the treatment result before its start.

Aligners are made individually with 3D technology. Transparent and comfortable, they gently move the teeth to the wanted position.

Voevi Dental clinic

For what patients is it?

Invisalign aligners are good for treatment of a wide range of orthodontic problems in all ages. Timely treatment of bite problems and teeth alignment in children is crucial for normal jaw development and has a positive impact on speech defects, mouth breathing and teeth grinding.

The best moment to start treatment with Invisalign First is when the sixth teeth, upper and lower permanent incisors have grown.

Invisalign has indisputable advantages as well in treatment of teenagers. The process is faster, more aesthetic and comfortable; it allows maintaining proper oral hygiene and does not disturb normal living.

Invisalign is for all ages. Treatment of orthodontic problems is key for prevention of bone loss and teeth uncovering, worn down teeth and damage of lower jaw joints.

Invisalign allows us also to take care of patients who have postponed their treatment for years due to their unwillingness to wear braces.

What should we do after Invisalign treatment in order to retain the result?

When the treatment ends, we make vacuum retainers and advise our patients to wear them for an hour in the day, and to sleep with them for 6 months. We invite them for a check up and when we see that the teeth are still in their new position, we stop the daily wearing. We gradually reduce retainers' use, but we advise patients to put them on regularly to check if they still fit.

Voevi Dental clinic, Dr Elena Voeva

Dr Elena Voeva

What are the advantages of Digital Smile Design for the patient?

When teeth are irregularly shaped, have broken edges or unnatural obturations, the patient can see what they will look like with their new smile well in advance.

With Digital Smile Design we can plan a harmonic shape, size and colour of the teeth. Then we make ceramic facets that fit the facial proportions, the individual characteristics and the patient's wishes.

After the digital project has been approved, we make a temporary construction printed on a 3D printer. This allows the patient to see their changed look even before the treatment's start. We prepare the facets with great precision with CAD/CAM software.

An additional detail in the creation of a perfect vision is teeth whitening with the latest generation of Flash, a professional teeth whitening LED lamp. The result is predictable and controllable, and there are functions for sensitive teeth.

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