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Atanas Angelov, Managing Director for Bulgaria and Romania, on the secret of how to travel stress-free in Bulgaria and abroad


Digital transformation in our lives has found another, effective application - a smarter way to have roadside assistance in Bulgaria and abroad. To make the most of it, we only have to download the VOZZi app on our phone. Atanas Angelov, Managing Director for Bulgaria and Romania, tells more. 

What is VOZZi? 

VOZZi is an online platform with over 250,000 users. Using an Android and iOS app, it connects car and motor drivers to people offering roadside assistance and connected services. Its unique interface is a quick, intuitive and effective way to solve any roadside problem. Users choose from ready packages that save expenses or use of call services. For supplier of roadside assistance VOZZi is an another way to have more business. 

How is VOZZi different from standard roadside assistance? 

Standard roadside assistance means that you have to have a number that you should call in the region where you are located, to manage to communicate to local roadside assistance, to tell them where you are, to make a deal on the costs and how to pay, to find and pay for a hotel and other means to continue your journey. This is a waste of time and money, and a source of additional stress.

Prepaid services, for their part, are offered by your insurance company, the local automobile club and the manufacturer, if your car is in warranty. 

This means that in case of an accident you should have several numbers and to know which service fully covers what and what should you copay. Usually, car hauling in such subscription plans covers 40-150 kms, not from the location of the accident to the service station, but as the whole mileage of the roadside assistance vehicle. The difference in the mileage is for you to pay, and is often significant. 

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VOZZi soloves these problems. With the relevant VOZZi package, in case of an accident: 

• We automatically detect your location after you have signalled us via the app; 

• We identify the closest roadside assistance to you, and you can track its movements on the app's map; 

• We cover fully the vehicle's hauling and the transportation of all passengers, without a limit in the mileage and the sum; 

• We organise a hotel, parking, rent-a-car and everything needed for your stay or continued journey; 

• We cover up to 400 euros for labour and spare parts in case of repair needed, if you are outside Bulgaria, even if you do not have an insurance. 

VOZZi offers this as a personal package to the consumer. You can change the covered vehicles without any limits during the 12 months when the package is valid. You do not even need a driving license or to drive the vehicle, all you need is to be a passenger. If you have a VOZZi package, all passengers in the vehicle use free continuation of the trip, return to home or transfer to a hotel. 

How can I use VOZZi services? 

Download the app and create an account with your name, Bulgarian phone number and e-mail. The package you purchase is activated within 72 hours. It is linked to your phone and is valid for 12 months after the purchase or until you run out of the covered services. 

You can always upgrade your VOZZi package directly from the app. Packages are not linked to a particular car or motor, you can have uo to three vehicles registered simultaneously in the app. 

To call roadside assistance you need to click a button three times - to explain what type of assistance do you need, to select the vehicle and to finalise your order. If you are not connected to the Internet, you can call on the phone. 

The services are: transportation to a set location in Bulgaria without limits in the mileage, assistance on the spot, transportation to the closest service station (within 40 kms), a hotel for all passangers, parking for the broken car. 

Can I use VOZZi when I am travelling abroad? 

Yes, if you have purchased and activated in advance a VOZZi package from Bulgaria. The VOZZi Europe package offers exceptional coverage in traveling in all of Europe and the islands, and the premium VOZZi Europe MAX package includes as well Turkey's Asiatic continental part. In all cases, you receive transportation to Bulgaria without any limits in the expences or the distance for the driver and the passangers, as well as a hotel, coverage of expences for continuing the journey and small repair work. With VOZZi there are no hidden expenses. 

Tell us about the most interesting cases when you have helped VOZZi clients? 

In the six years after VOZZi started, we have helped in near 4,000 different cases. The most common ones are connected to engine failure, as well as tyre change, electricity supply, broken air conditioning in the summer. Some of the cases required transportation of people vacationing on the Greek and Adriatic islands with organisation of ferry tickets, hotels etc. We also had to transport large families with their pets. 

How do you choose VOZZi's partners? 

For us, it is crucial to work with established professionals to maintain a high customer rating. New partners of the platform sign a contract with our Dutch company, VOZZi Operations B.V., with clearly set rules. Breaking them causes end of the partnership and the relevant consequences. We have strategic partnerships with chains for services, petrol stations, insurers, car dealers and telecommunication companies that will only grew wider in Bulgaria as well. 

Before stepping on a national market, we first create our partners' infrastructure. This allows us to provide a quick and quality service. This happened and more than a year before we started selling our services in Bulgaria. 

Call *9919 for all mobile providers when calling from Bulgaria

Call +31 208 005 092 when travelling abroad



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