Valentine's Day is coming soon, so if you have a significant other, it's natural that you're searching for good places to spend your time


And since visiting romantic spots in Europe like Rome or Paris can be costly around the 14th of February, you can have a look at Bulgaria.

Bulgaria has numerous fantastic spots for an excellent Valentine's Day getaway; below are our best picks.

Bulgaria can offer movie-like scenery for your Special Day, from cozy seaside towns to fortresses, old towns, and little villages.

Sozopol and Nessebar

The first places to cover are Sozopol and Nessebar, with their old town atmosphere and small cobbled streets.



In Sozopol, you can have a romantic dinner in one of the many restaurants near the sea, and the old houses enhance this celebration.

Nessebar is another fantastic town on the Black Sea coast, with its Old Town being a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Old Town has many cute restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy the sea view.

Tryavna and Melnik

Tryavna and Melnik are two of the most precious gems in Bulgaria regarding picturesque towns with old houses, cobbled streets, and delicious meals.



If you're going to Tryavna, you can visit the Museum of Woodcarving and Ethnographic Arts (Daskalov House). This museum offers wood carving and leaf painting workshops for individuals and groups, but make a reservation.

Melnik is famous for its exquisite wines, so you can go wine tasting and explore this small town.

It offers a nice and warm climate, lovely views, and the charmingest family hotels. Walking through streets filled with stories and history, you can enjoy peace and quiet.

Veliko Tarnovo and Plovdiv

Veliko Tarnovo and Plovdiv are two cities that are both large in size and large in making your romantic stay even better. They are both quite artistic and have a long history within their streets and walls.



With Veliko Tarnovo, you can visit the Tsarevets fortress, walk along the Samovodska Charshia, or have some good food in a restaurant. Veliko Turnovo has a lot to offer.

And if you're planning to go to Plovdiv, you can visit Nebet Hill at sunset and walk around the Old Town. You can wine and dine in the Kapana district with its artistic bars, shops, and restaurants.

Velingrad and Gela village

Last but not least, Velingrad and Gela village are two polar opposite places filled with romance and fun activities.

In Velingrad, you can visit some SPA places thanks to the mineral water deposits and the beautiful nature. There are many luxurious wellness retreats for all types of people, so pick your favorite one and enjoy a SPA package or two.

And with Gela, this village is located at the foot of the Rhodopi mountain peaks - Goliam Perelik, Turlata, and Orpheus peak.

Gela is 30km from Smolian town and 18km from Pamporovo, with around 98 people living there.

The village has some magnificent legends and a rich history, and it will take you a century back to old but never-forgotten times.

Fun Fact: Saint Valentine's vs St. Trifon

Even though we are discussing celebrating Valentine's Day in Bulgaria, few foreigners know that this holiday intertwines with a Bulgarian holiday called St. Trifon, or the Wine Holiday.

The old date that used to hold this holiday was the 14th of February, but it was later moved to the 1st of February.

A story about St. Trifon states he was trimming twigs in his vineyard near him when he saw his sister, the Virgin Mary, and the Christ child. She had been going to read the prayer on the 40th Day since his birth. Trifon scoffed at her, unable to think she could become God's mother. She didn't say anything to him and just left. After a while, Mary observed Trifon's wife return to her husband and instructed her to carry bandages to him in the vineyard since he had chopped off his nose. His wife instantly went. As he realized why she was there, Trifon pondered, "How can I slash my nose with the pruning knives upside down?

And to demonstrate it, he turned his knife and accidentally cut the tip of his nose.

Therefore, the tradition on this date is to prune your vines and spill some wine to the ground if you are a winegrower. Then, everyone must gather some fried chicken, bread, and wine and choose the best winegrower in the village. After that, they make him a crown of vines and lead him to his home, where the winner gives them wine.

With that said, our love-filled article draws to an end. We hope you choose your favorite place to spend Valentine's Day and enjoy the beauty of Bulgaria.


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