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The Bulgarian brand is an epitome of exquisite pieces of beauty, style and uniqueness

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© Lyubomir Zografov, Model: Veselin Stoykov

Silver cups, vessels of exotic woods, replicas of Thracian treasures: for over 30 years, the luxury items with the brand Zografov have been the best choice to make gifts that impress, inspire and speak of beauty, power and craftsmanship.

Zografov & Son was established in 1991 as a family company. It quickly set the foundations of a new, unique style and approach towards making silver goods and luxury gifts. Each of its items is made with utmost care and attention to meet the clients' requirements for quality services of 950 silver that guarantees the material's long life and purity. Thanks to this and the personal approach towards each client, Zografov & Son became a true symbol of quality and luxury. We talked to Lyubomir Zografov, owner, to learn more.

© Zografov & Son

What is the secret of creating a successful luxury brand in Bulgaria?

Creating a successful luxury brand in Bulgaria requires a lot of effort and work, but there are some key elements that, if missing, make success hard to achieve.

A luxury brand should be unique and create items that cannot be found elsewhere. The quality is also crucial – they should be manufactured with care and precision to convince the clients of their value. Personalisation, top quality materials and service are of utmost importance here. Having a marketing strategy is also important to understand the clients' desires and needs, and the best ways to sate them. Branding is a must as it makes the brand recognisable. The attention, care and personal approach towards the clients are some of the main elements in the success of a luxury brand.

© Lyubomir Zografov

All of these factors can help to create a successful luxury brand in Bulgaria. However, this also depends on how well these elements are realised and which strategies are chosen to achieve them.

Why do Zografov's gifts remain the first choice for government institutions and individuals alike?

Zografov is Bulgaria's main brand for luxury gifts and silver items because we created a new niche on the local market. Our years of experience in manufacturing top quality, unique products and our special approach towards our clients is why we are the partner of choice to many institutions and individuals. Our honest approach and high quality products create trust between us and our clients who return to us repeatedly and bring other people as well.

© Lyubomir Zografov

Our goods make excellent gifts for important events such as jubilees, weddings, baptisms, corporate events, business partners, corporate gifts, visiting delegations etc. They are a combination of high quality, precise making and unique design. Product personalisation is crucial: the engraving of the name or the company logo makes the gift unique and personal. This is particularly important to government institutions and companies that demand impressive, memorable gifts.

What options for gift personalisation do you offer?

As I already mentioned, personalisation makes a strong impression as it takes the gift out of anonymity and makes it something special for the receiver. On the item, we can engrave by hand name, date, logo or short message. We can write a longer text on a metal tablet placed inside the luxury box. This gesture underlines the personal approach towards the receiver and brings emotional value to the gift.

© Lyubomir Zografov

Another option is to change some details in our basic products: changing the cup's height or some elements, replacing one noble metal coating with another etc. Thus, the item can fit better the tastes of the receiver.

Can you tell us more about your production process – from the idea and the design to the materialisation?

We make mostly bespoke items and small series of products. The process starts with the idea for an item that can be our own or a client's request. It is followed by the design stage when we coordinate the materials that we are going to use, the product's function and other requirements. After the design has been approved, we make a prototype. We change and mend it until we reach the desired result. Then we create the bespoke item. This includes work by hand that requires specialised skills and tools. The process is long and hard, and asks for a lot of precision and attention to underline the product's uniqueness.

Our goal is to offer our clients the best services by providing them with personalised solutions and individual approach. We understand that each order is unique, this is why we work with each client individually in order to sate their needs and requirements.

Sofia, 428 King Boris III Blvd

phone: +359 887 69 72 28 



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