by Maria Petrova

Schools and universities in Bulgaria can offer high standards and world-class quality

There is no doubt that the best investment is the one in education. And if it was once a privilege, available to few, now it is a fundamental right that everyone can and should take advantage of – for the sake of their development and of a better future.

The Covid-19 pandemic seriously affected the education sector but also proved that the system is flexible and can easily adapt to changes and the new requirements of the environment. Remote teaching and learning proved to be possible and in fact turned into a constant part of the educational processes of the future, providing benefits that will be used in time.

Bulgarian educational system does have some problems to solve, but nowadays parents and students may choose between excellent schools, universities and academies, meeting fully the global standards. State and private educational institutions of various scales offer profiled training in technical, humanitarian, and economic subjects, as well as the opportunity for upgrading skills and knowledge through continuing education. Globalisation processes allowed many foreign universities to set up in Bulgaria or work in partnership with local institutions. Opportunities became more open through Erasmus-type exchange programmes and joint international initiatives.

The market of services has a lot to offer even to the youngest – ambitious parents have the option to start the education of their children at the earliest age in schools and kindergartens, providing specialised music, math, language, and art programmes.

Regardless of student’s age, quality education is always characterised by good education facilities, innovation, modern teaching methods and processes, a strategic approach, and special attention to students. Education has now become much more than mastering a certain body of knowledge in a particular field and getting excellent grades at the end of a term or semester. Quality education is the one that builds skills for life, creates successful and confident individuals, and encourages the development of talent and individuality. It creates future leaders and professionals who will contribute to the overall progress of society. For we all know that prosperous societies are made of well-educated people who possess not only academic knowledge but also a sense of community involvement.

September the 15th is the day when the school year starts in Bulgaria and it is celebrated in every school in the country. The event is especially exciting to children who are entering their classrooms for the first time, carrying flowers is a token of respect to their teachers. It has been proved that these first school years create the foundation and build the habits of accumulating knowledge which people will need all their lives. In this period social skills and the ability to communicate with others are also developed. That’s why the first school is of great significance – it has to provide a proper environment and excellent tuition, focused on the needs of the student.

Modern, innovative, and oriented towards overall personal development, Denis Diderot School (Bankya, 2 Tenev Bair St, phone: +359 2 813 5808, is a place, which children happily visit to acquire new skills and knowledge and to develop their talents. Created with the support of ProCredit Bank, the school implements the philosophy of learning through experience and encourages students to explore, annalyse, and find on their own answers to questions and problem solutions, confident in their abilities.

The school is situated in the beautiful town of Bankya at the foot of Lyulin Mountain, covering an area of 6,000 sq m, which provides priceless contact with nature and the opportunity for outdoor teaching. The school complex offers to children bright and spacious classrooms, well-equipped natural sciences and art rooms, two libraries, dance halls, two gyms, two swimming pools, and outdoor sports facilities.

The mission of Denis Diderot School is to provide a diverse, peaceful, and creative atmosphere, in which children can develop their interests and grow with care and respect towards themselves, people, and nature.

English language tuition from kindergarten to high school is offered by British School of Sofia ( – the only school in Bulgaria to follow the British educational model. The undisputed quality education, together with modern school facilities, highly effective teaching methods, and a motivating environment lead to brilliant academic results. Students have the chance to be part of an international English-speaking community and to graduate with internationally recognized diploma (IB Diploma). With a focus on developing the potential of every child, the school inspires its graduates to shape the world of tomorrow.

Just a few decades ago, computer technologies were a complex science – a vocation for a very small percentage of people, usually mathematicians and physicists. Today, life is digitalised at all levels, and smart technologies are everywhere – there is no person who does not use the Internet, a computer, a smartphone. Mass digitalisation creates a huge demand for IT professionals to build applications and systems, to implement and control artificial intelligence solutions. The IT sector in Bulgaria is one of the fastest-growing and it is no coincidence that many Western companies rely on Bulgarian specialists for their business.

Computer and high-tech skills are in increasing demand in the world we live in, and in future they will be a compulsory part of any professional CV. That is why the focus of the Plovdiv Tech Park educational complex (Plovdiv, Trakia, 14 Valko Shopov St, is on profiled training at all levels with the ambition to develop innovative technologies meeting global standards and trends. The complex includes a functioning high school, a college, a summer school, laboratories for blockchain technologies, audiovisual technologies, ultra-fast computing for education purposes, as well as Innovation and Informatics Technology Institute. The Mahatma Gandhi International Higher School of Informatics and e-Leadership project is awaiting accreditation to open its doors to students, providing them the opportunity to join Artificial Intelligence (AI) and e-Leadreship programmes.

Although the professions of the future are mainly technology-oriented, they cannot yet replace people, especially in fields such as medicine where dedicated professionals will always be needed. Because no matter how sophisticated healthcare is, the human still stays in its centre.

Dedicated to humanity since 1945, the Medical University of Plovdiv (Plovdiv, 15A Vasil Aprilov Blvd., has followed its mission to provide quality education and to create successful physicians and medical professionals. The University offers programmes in Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, and Public Health for Bulgarian and foreign students. Academic structures also include a Department of Language and Specialised Training, a Medical College, and a Scientific Research Institute. Innovative methods of quality control, continuous improvement of the educational process, and the pursuit of high results follow the best world practices and ensure applying the highest standards in education. The Medical University of Plovdiv has won many awards for leading positions in education.

There are currently over 50 accredited universities, academies and colleges in Bulgaria, some of which are foreign and allow students to obtain dual accredited degrees and a world-class education.

The real proof for the quality of the education that the American University in Bulgaria ( offers are its alumni – successful entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators, contributing to the growth of society and the improvement of our environment. The unique liberal arts educational system puts the students in the center of academic activity and provides countless opportunities for development and achievements. The interdisciplinary approach, the promotion of talent, and active community engagement turn the university into an institution that not only educates but takes care of the overall growth of its students. Academicians and lecturers from all over the world take part in the training, classes are small, and the curriculum includes a variety of Majors and Minors. The university campus offers state-of-the-art facilities, including one of the largest English-language libraries in South-East Europe, a Mac lab, and a multimedia studio. After graduation, the students acquire an international diploma accredited in both the U.S. and Europe.

Bridging the UK with the South East and Eastern Europe, CITY College (Sofia, 23 Tvardishki Prohod St, phone +359 2 961 62 63, offers to students the unique opportunity to study for a top-class British degree in their region. CITY College is part of the University of York, a leading British university, that provides high educational standards and applied knowledge. The main campus is situated in Thessaloniki, Greece, with satellite activities in 8 other countries. In Bulgaria, CITY College is partnering with New Bulgarian Univerisity, and students can join selected double-degree Bachelors and Masters programmes. The prestigious Executive MBA programme has been preferred by professionals willing to upgrade their knowledge and skills. The Thessaloniki Campus provides a variety of options for students who want to study abroad and take advantage of the quality of British education.

The opportunities for learning and upgrading skills and qualifications are countless. It is important which of them you choose, but it is even more important to do it. Because your decision today determines where you will be tomorrow.


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