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The founder of Medical Dent, on the responsibility to bring innovative dental treatment to Bulgaria

Dr Branimir Kirilov Medical Dent
Dr Branimir Kirilov, founder of Medical Dent

The quality of dental professionals in Bulgaria is impressive, but even in this highly competitive field one name stands out. Dr Branimir Kirilov is one of this nation's best implantologists and oral surgeons, and is deservedly recognised as a founder of the Bulgarian school in dental implantology and plastic surgery.

Dr Kirilov's professional life is an example of dedication to providing top-quality healthcare to patients. He has attended a number of international trainings by leading international professionals and has presented his achievements and research as a speaker on numerous dental implantology congresses in the US and Europe. Dr Kirilov has also authored many scientific articles and publications in the field of implantology and aesthetic dentistry.

Led by the ambition to set the foundations of modern implantology in Bulgaria, 17 years ago Dr Kirilov founded Medical Dent Clinic. It quickly became a place where patients receive top quality treatment for all dental problems, from the most common to the most complicated ones. This is achieved by a dedicated team working with the latest technologies under the guidance of Dr Kirilov. Today, the clinic is a leader in its field and has hundreds of satisfied patients in Bulgaria and abroad.

In 2022, Medical Dent expanded its premises and offered a new exceptional service to its patients: TeethXpress is a quick and minimally invasive method for full smile restoration. We met with Dr Kirilov to discuss this, and more.

You say that understanding biological processes is a leading principle in your work. Why is it important?

When we plan treatment, there are two main moments – the purely mechanical planning and the realisation of the treatment. However, biological processes also take place. A professional should know them well in order to understand what has provoked the disease and to treat not only the consequences but also the causes. After we heal the patient, we recommend the best prophylaxis for their particular case to make sure that the long-term result is a success.

Dr Branimir Kirilov Medical Dent

What is the most important thing a good implantologist should know and be able to do?

To be open to hear the patient's unfiltered opinion, to accept it without negative reaction and to be ready to grow and evolve as a professional.

What was the most challenging case in your practice?

The most challenging case in implantology I have ever had is... myself. I believe that the biggest challenge that everyone faces is themselves. Each of my cases is unique and requires my full dedication. They may look the same, yet each is different and requires an individual approach. Each patient is unlike any other and in this respect, I do not perceive a medical case purely as an action in which an implant is placed in the patient's mouth. Instead, I focus on the treatment process.

The hardest task for a dentist treating a patient who needs help is to win their support and cooperation for the treatment process to take place. Usually, this process is unpleasant to people. Many are scared and are worried that they will feel pain and discomfort. Modern dentistry has minimised these, but the combination of these factors turns the future treatment process into a challenge for the patient.

This is why the role of the dentist, figuratively speaking, is to take the patient's hand and to lead all the way forward. For me, this is the biggest challenge that physicians as a whole face.

Medical Dent is often the last place where many patients come to seek help, after they have heard grave diagnoses and have been denied treatment by other clinics, losing all hope that they will ever be healed. Medical Dent Clinic is the place for such patients – the people with the most complicated cases. All doctors at Medical Dent have years of experience in providing proper treatment.

Dr Branimir Kirilov Medical Dent

What attracted you, as a professional, to oral surgery?

When the legendary cardiologist Professor Alexandar Chirkov performed the first successful heart transplantation in Bulgaria and the Balkans, in 1986, I was at school. I was amazed and I decided to become a cardiac surgeon. Then life led me to dentistry. I have always been attracted to surgery in general, so I specialised in oral surgery. After I graduated, I decided to study general medicine as well, because for me this field is a real challenge and presents an opportunity to grow and evolve.

Why did you decide to create Medical Dent?

I decided to create Medical Dent after I graduated, as I have always believed that complex treatment is much better in a clinic that unites specialists in different fields. As Medical Dent targets mostly people with serious problems, the desire to create the first in Bulgaria dental clinic with narrow specialists came naturally.

At Medical Dent novelties and innovations have become a tradition. How do you succeed to be a pioneer of new trends in Bulgaria?

My inner motivation and the fact that we are living in times when we have to be ready to change and adapt to the dynamic environment help me to always be among the first to introduce new technologies and treatment methods in Bulgaria. These processes inspire me. A significant part of new technological development and changes targets different problems that I have met in my practice. This is an opportunity to provide better quality care to our patients. I perceive implementation of new technologies and innovations as a means to give patients a safer, better quality treatment.

The expansion of Medical Dent in 2022 is also a part of my strategy to provide to patients improved comfort and more opportunities for holistic treatment.

Why did you decide to offer the TeethXpress service? How do you guarantee its quality?

I was the first who offered TeethXpress in Bulgaria. When I went to the dental technician who I partner with and shared my idea, he went speechless.

I offered TeethXpress on the Bulgarian market, because I believe that this is a truly innovative treatment that can fundamentally change the quality of life and confidence of patients suffering tooth loss. This service is part of our strive to innovate and to offer the best treatment solutions.

We guarantee the quality of service with an excellent selection of materials and high-precision case planning with the most advanced technologies. A guarantee for the successful results are also our exceptional clinical experience as specialists and the fact that we constantly attend international trainings and congresses to stay in line with the latest in our field. There, we learn treatment techniques that are innovative, modern and implement the latest achievements in science and technology. This is why we give 10 years of warranty to the crowns and bridges made at Medical Dent.

Individual treatment plan is a standard for Medical Dent. What does it include?

Individual treatment plan at Medical Dent includes a description of the patient's health problems and offer of a medical and financial solution. This allows us from the very beginning to have excellent planning based on knowledge on needed procedures in the future well in advance. We can inform the patient in great detail on what follows from the very beginning – the procedures, the time, the treatment techniques and technologies, and also to have an honest conversation on the cost.

Our aim is to be completely transparent and honest with our patients. When the treatment ends, we recommend how often the patient should visit us for check ups and how to maintain their health to achieve long-term results.

Are you satisfied with what you have achieved with Medical Dent?

I am satisfied and grateful for what I have and for the opportunity to do what I love. I believe that the road towards sustainable development is to remain open to changes. I wish for myself to remain adaptable to the changes in the environment and to continue to give the best to my patients, as I have done in the past 17 years at Medical Dent.

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