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If there is a single word fit to describe Cosmos International School, it should be extraordinary

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An institution that celebrates diversity, it is located in the beautiful building of the old school of Osoitsa Village, near Sofia, and offers to students one-of-a-kind combination of modern amenities and facilities, clean air, the chance to spend more time outdoors and to explore. Cosmos is also a place of rigorous academic standards and of nurturing chidlren’s natural curiosity and desire to learn. This year Cosmos became an officially registered Cambridge International School. All of this is reason enough to talk to Tatiana Zaharieva, founder and principal, to learn more about this extraordinary place.

Why did Cosmos choose to settle in an old village school, outside Sofia?

At Cosmos International School, every decision is driven by our dedication to providing an unparalleled learning experience for our students. We settled in a unique 100-year-old stone school building, crafted by Italian architects, as it radiates history and architectural brilliance. Its charm is a daily reminder of the seamless coalescence of tradition and forward-thinking.

I have always believed that children flourish in expansive environments, beyond the hustle and bustle of city congestion. The serene and tranquil ambiance of the village brings peace to the mind and cultivates the inner motivation students need for genuine learning.

The school is just 40 minutes away from Sofia City. Our efficient bus system ensures rapid and safe transit.

The choice to be closer to nature was deliberate – children need a tangible bond with the natural world that fosters bravery, curiosity, and an inherent freedom. With ample space to play, explore, and learn, our students enjoy a holistic educational experience, grounded in nature yet tethered to the vibrancy of city life.

Cosmos is already a Cambridge International School. How did you achieve this?

Becoming a Cambridge International School represents our commitment to delivering the highest standards of education. We had to ensure that our teaching and learning standards met the high quality expected by Cambridge Assessment International Education by intensive training our educators, adopting globally recognized teaching methodologies, and maintaining a student-centric approach. Our infrastructure was upgraded to meet Cambridge standards, including well-equipped science laboratories, a comprehensive library, and other learning spaces. We adopted the Cambridge curriculum in its entirety and our educators underwent specialized training to ensure they are well-versed with it and its pedagogical approaches. We also met the Cambridge administrative requirements, including regular inspections, feedback sessions, and continuous communication. The entire process took about a year.

Our transition to becoming a Cambridge International School was a culmination of dedicated effort, consistent adherence to quality standards, and an unyielding commitment to educational excellence.

What does this change mean for the students of Cosmos International School?

For our students, transitioning to the Cambridge program heralds a transformative phase in their educational journey. The Cambridge curriculum is designed to be engaging, holistic, and globally relevant. It's heartening to observe that our students have adapted effortlessly to this change; they genuinely enjoy its dynamic and comprehensive approach. This transition equips them with a robust academic foundation and instills values of global citizenship, critical thinking, and a lifelong love for learning. Embracing the Cambridge program signifies a brighter, more enriched educational horizon for every student at Cosmos.

Cosmos is known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere. Why is such an ambiance crucial for modern education?

At Cosmos, we deeply value and cultivate our cosmopolitan environment, characterized by our students' diverse backgrounds. Such an atmosphere teaches broad-mindedness and freedom by exposure to a variety of cultures, worldviews, and experiences. It gives students the opportunity to share their distinct narratives and, by engaging with peers from varied backgrounds, to glean insights into other people's lives and to appreciate their differences. Thus students learn by experience that difference is not to be feared but celebrated. Cosmos's cosmopolitan environment ensures that students grow up with a global outlook. They're less likely to harbor prejudices and are better equipped to approach challenges creatively and collaboratively.

The cosmopolitan educational atmosphere at Cosmos isn't just about academic rigor; it's about preparing students for a globalized world, emphasizing unity, understanding, and the profound power of diverse collaboration.

How you, at Cosmos, inspire children to be an active part of the educational process?

Our approach to education transcends traditional classroom boundaries. We believe that every child is a wellspring of potential, and our role is to tap into it, making them active participants in their own learning journey.

The challenge is in uncovering their inner motivation, which is the most powerful driving force behind genuine learning. In many younger children, this motivation is apparent and fervent, but with some older students it might have been overshadowed by previous experiences.

To address this we acknowledge that each child is unique and offer them personalised learning with a curriculum flexible enough to cater to individual learning styles. We use interactive teaching methods, from group discussions to hands-on projects, and encourage curiosity: questions are celebrated in our classrooms. Our educators are not just teachers – they are also mentors who work closely with students and guide them to their innate love for learning. Demonstrating the practical implications and real-world applications of what students learn is crucial, too, as it makes the educational content more relevant and engaging.

In essence, our approach is rooted in understanding, nurturing, and reigniting the inherent passion for learning that every child possesses to ensure not just academic excellence, but also personal growth and empowerment.

Osoitsa Village

phone: 0884 948 069

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