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Shift to a New Personal and Business Level with the psychologist Deni Andonova

Deni Andonova, founder of How Thrive

Deni Andonova is the founder of the Holistic Academy, the How ThriveTM project and the Thriving Bulgaria Foundation for mental heath and wellness. In her 14+ years of professional experience she has helped individual clients, international corporations and startups to achieve a better balance, to transform limiting beliefs and non-working models, to shift to a new personal and business level, to enjoy success, self-awareness and happiness. Her mission is "Thriving people. Thriving business. Thriving world."

Deni is a positive and organisational psychologist, a kinesiologist, a lecturer, an author of transformational trainings, a specialist in corporate wellness, a certified K-Power and Neurographics instructor, an aesthetic coach, colour therapist. A certified practitioner of Neuro-Agility, Ho’Oponopono, Law of Attraction and others. She is the author of 3 books, including the bestseller Emerge together with world-famous Brian Tracy.

Deni, you have individual clients on 4 continents and and you work with international corporations, you have 3 master's degrees, 2 children, several businesses and have written 3 books. You are completing your PhD. How do you manage to do all that?

I believe in authenticity. I help people with tools based on neurosciences, psychology, kinesiology, and holistic approach. Depending on the particular case and the desired result I offer them combinations of techniques, methods, psychological approaches and therapeutic practices so that they can easily balance their personal and professional development. This is why it is important for me to also practice the techniques for energy management, transformation of limiting beliefs and manifestation of the desired results.

Tell us a little bit more about yourself?

I am a happy person, full of love and gratitude, living my mission.

What inspired you to switch from your education in economy to psychology and holistic approach?

The holistic approach is a comprehensive view over different levels: physical-energy-mental-emotional-spiritual. I discovered it after a series of stressful life events that showed me that I had drifted away from myself and my path. Today I am grateful for each step I took on this road and I enjoy the bigger picture. In the holistic approach I found the quick, easy-to-do techniques for sustainable, positive changes and effects. I am result-driven so I optimised both my personal processes and the ones of the people and organisations that have trusted me.

What inspires you to wake up with enthusiasm for the new day?

My wonderful children and the inspiration to see the positive change in the people who I consult and coach every day.

Is everyone able to be successful, happy and self-aware?

Everyone is the creator of their own life and can live the life of their dreams when they know what they want and how to manage their energy. Everything depends on our free will and self-awareness.

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You teach people to balance and manage their energy. Isn't it a bit too abstract?

It might seem so, but in reality it is something natural. We have just forgotten about it. In my K-Power courses I adore to explain the connection between the reality/body, the energy, balance and emotions that we feel.

What other methods do you use?

I combine kinesiology and K-Power with other methods depending on the needs, desired results and goals of the person in front of me. This is the art of the holistic approach – when you know the principles, you restore the balance in one single element of the system and the whole system shifts to a new level. I just love Neurographica, the method for releasing stress and removing limitations and manifesting your goals and dreams through positive psychology, Bush Flower Essences therapy and other methods. I have a lot of author trainings in my Holistic Academy.

How did you become the first Bulgarian psychologist to co-author a book with Brian Tracy?

This happened synchronically with the intention, dream and goals that I am currently manifesting in my life. When the book became a bestseller, even friends with established businesses got interested in my methods for energy balance.

What would you advise our readers?

To get connected to themselves and their mission, and to create their reality with self-awareness. To remember that their personal and business success, relationships with others, their physical body and energy reflect the relations they have with themselves. In life we have what we have energy for. And we do not have what we do not have energy for.

If you want a positive transformation, I will be happy to help you shift to Self-Awareness, Thriving Business, Money Abundance and New level Work-Life balance. 

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