Angela Merkel calls Boyko Borisov and asks for some help in the upcoming German election. Boyko sends Tsvetanov over.
After the election, Boyko calls Merkel to inquire how it all went.
Merkel replies: "It all went very well, but the outcome was strange. Some party called GERB won the election."

Former prime minister

A lady calls Boyko Borisov on his private mobile phone. "May I speak with the prime minister," she asks.
"I am sorry lady, but I am no longer the prime minister," Boyko replies and hangs up.
Five minutes later the same lady calls again: "May I speak with the prime minister, please" she asks.
"I am sorry but I am no longer the prime minister," Boyko answers and hangs up.
Ten minutes later the lady is on the phone again: "May I speak with the prime minister please", she asks.
"I told you lady I am no longer the prime minister," Boyko says.
"I know, I know, but I love hearing it again and again," the lady says and hangs up.


Prince and pauper

A beggar walks into a bookshop and buys a Boyko Borisov poster for 0.10 leva.
A week later the same man comes again and buys 10 pesters for 1 lev.
A month later a Moskvich pulls up in front of the bookshop. The beggar comes out of it and buys 100 posters.
Some time later the same beggar comes in a Dacia and buys 1,000 posters.
Half a year later, a black Mercedes comes up and the same beggar walks out of it surrounded by five bodyguards. "I want to buy all the Boyko Borisov posters," the man demands.
The shopkeeper is at a loss. "Half a year ago you were a beggar," he says. "Now you are a millionaire. How did you get rich?"
"I started a shooting gallery," the man replies.


Prosecutors: "Borisov, open up! We are the prosecutors."
Borisov: "What do you want?"
Prosecutors: "We want to have a chat."
Borisov: "How many of you are there?"
Prosecutors: "Three."
Borisov: "Well, chat then!"


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